Full-Service Interior Design and Procurement

The STANTON team welcomes challenges in their work and takes pleasure in both the creative and practical aspects of the process. One of our group’s missions is to work together with clients to identify their aspirations and bring them to life in a way that respects their vision and budget. Building long-lasting professional connections with all of our clients and consultants is our goal since we think it’s essential to a project’s success and will result in a more unified end product. We take great pride in our meticulous design approach. For the design to be successful in the end, each stage is essential.

These stages consist of the following:

Conceptual and Schematic Design:

Market Research, Space Planning, Conceptual Design, Programming

Design Development:

Interior Finish Selections, Lighting Selections, 3D Renderings, Design Presentations, Interior Narratives

Construction Documentation:

Floor Plans, Finish Plans, RCPs, Interior Elevations, Interior Details, Interior Finish Schedules, Lighting, Equipment, Plumbing Legends, MEP and Architectural Coordination

Construction Administration:

Submittal Reviews, RFI Response, Shop Drawing Review, Site Visits, Punch Lists, Mock-Up reviews


We understand the significance of furnishings and how they might influence visitors’ experiences. We work hard to deliver each client the greatest furniture options available in a distinctive package. We have fostered ties with numerous artists and fabricators whose work infuses each of our projects with individuality, providing amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces that greatly enhance each project’s own personality.