Using our resources

STANTON offers its clients full-service,  turn-key procurement solutions. Everything is taken care of by us,  from specifications to installations. We believe that offering this service in-house offers our clients a significant benefit because it reduces costs,  potential for miscommunication,  and hassle.

Procurement is a discipline that requires significant furnishing industry experience, unlimited and talented resources,  complete with supply chain and extensive logistics capabilities.

Our method has been successfully applied to thousands of projects around the country,  giving our clients peace of mind.  Our work consistently advances design,  which successfully promotes brands and,  ultimately,  the success of our clients.

Leveraging our 20 plus years of unrivalled industry knowledge we deliver outstanding procurement services for clients in every part of the nation.

These stages consist of the following:


Every project is assigned a committed project manager with a wealth of project management knowledge. Through open communication and careful scheduling, we advance the project.


We collaborate with customers and designers to help with value engineering, sourcing, quantity take-offs, early budget formulation, and other related tasks. Consider us to be an extension of your internal team.


We examine freight rates, agreements, and procedures in great detail and with great seriousness. We employ a tiered methodology, analyzing every order to build a blend of tactical delivery options that satisfy your financial constraints and timeline.


For every project, a warehouse partner that is well-organized, competent, and trustworthy is chosen. When choosing a warehouse for a project, we take into account factors like costs, locations, labor force, daily container capacity, insurance, and more.


One of the keys to success on every project is having installers that take care of and protect your money and property. We collaborate with skilled FF&E installers who have finished a number of well-known hospitality projects across the country.